Gravit is a free, visually stunning gravity simulator, where you can spend endless time experimenting with various configurations of simulated universes.


  • Stunning visualisations
  • Create unlimited variations of simulations
  • You can view the simulation in 3D without glasses using stereoscopic imaging
  • Can be installed as a screen saver in Windows
  • You can record, then play back at any speed
  • Stores every particle's position for every frame in memory
  • Compresses history when needed, for very long recordings
  • Mouse controllable rotation
  • Console with script execution
  • Colours can be based on mass, velocity, acceleration, momentum or kinetic energy
  • Save and Load simulations
  • Update display/input while recording a frame

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Choose your operating system, or check out alternative downloads.

Windows Installer (64bit)

Version 0.5.0, 5 May 2012

Windows Installer (32bit)

Version 0.5.0, 5 May 2012

Source Code (.tgz)

Version 0.5.0, 5 May 2012


The Gravit source code is available to download from Github via this command:

git clone

The repository follows the git flow workflow.

See Building From Source for more details on dependencies and building.