Gravit is a free, visually stunning gravity simulator, where you can spend endless time experimenting with various configurations of simulated universes.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express


Download the “Binary devel” versions of [SDL][1], SDL_ttf and SDL_image.

The project settings are configured so that extracted include and lib directories are in VisualStudio/SDL. For example, these file should exist:

  • VisualStudio/SDL/include/sdl.h
  • VisualStudio/SDL/include/sdl_image.h
  • VisualStudio/SDL/lib/sdl.lib


Download the Win32_vc10 version of Lua and extract to VisualStudio/lua so that these files exist:

  • VisualStudio/lua/lua52.lib
  • VisualStudio/lua/include/lua.h